Better Grades.
Smarter Students.
Happier Parents.

KuzeKuze empowers students in primary school
to build on their strengths and shore up their
weaknesses. All this while supporting teachers to
reduce the achievement gap and saving them
valuable administrative time.

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Learning Made Personal


We've made it possible to get weekly, personalized workbooks designed to help your student in the areas they are weak at.


Teachers are able to eliminate the time spent in marking paper assignments and exams, completely focusing on where their time matters most; teaching


Our goal is to make it easy for guardians to engage in the students' learning journey. By reducing the guardian's friction in the learner engagement, learners get the holistic support required both at home and school.

School Administrator

We can help you to identify plateaued students before their grades drop, target interventions, and direct resources where they are needed most.

What if we could correctly
identify the competency
of each student?

We can predict student performance.  By individually tracking
the learning progress of each student in classes, we can
gauge how much students understand after every topic.
This creates an environment for class-focused collaboration
where students are supported at their own level of learning.

No wireless.
No distractions.
Just learning.

By using paper and pen, learners are able to
experience all the benefits of personalised &
adaptive learning, not being tied to a
mobile device, distraction-free.

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Every student learns at their own pace
and distraction-free.
Let's work with you to support them

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